Cactus Juice Gastro Pub

Handmade beers


[English] tuck-barat [English] little-john [English] koleses [English] keseru-mez[English] bekesszt-meggyes[English] bekesszt-szilvas

17 different brown and lager beer is availale int he Cactus Juice Gastro Pub

We have fruity flavoured and wheat beers in Our Pub . All of Our craft beers are Hungarian products! We would like to produce brand new and traditional brewerys beers as well.

You can taste: Keserű Méz, Távoli Galaxis, Köleses(Millet-Beer), Dupla Köleses (Double Millet-Beer), Little John, Tuck Barát, Black Rose, Cortez (Corn-Beer), Békésszentandrási Megyes (Sour Sherry-Beer), Békésszentandrási Szilvás (Plum-Beer), Alcatraz, 2222 and Razzia   handmade beers.

[English] KezmuvesSorok